turn up the hype

Promotional models are a great tool for increasing brand visibility and awareness. TLC’s promo models have experience engaging with diverse crowds, generating hype about products, and managing giveaways. Unlike most company personnel, our promotional models are outgoing and comfortable in ever changing social settings like trade shows, conventions, special events, tournaments, and galas.
Promotional Models

what you can expect

  • Professional promotional models that are able to successfully communicate with your target audience and create an exciting atmosphere for them to enjoy your products.
  • Sexy teams of  ladies to pass out giveaways, increase brand knowledge and visibility, and take photos. TLC let’s YOU chose your talent, makes sure that they are representative of their resume and photos, and ensures that they will be friendly and outgoing. WE DON’T PUT UP WITH BAD ATTITUDES! 
  • Knowledgeable staff to sell and up sell at bars. Our talent does not simply go person to person offering drinks. TLC Models will go into as much depth about the beverages as you need, answering questions like what are its components, why to give it a try, and what’s the best mixers.
  • Trained talent that has the ability to memorize large quantities of product information and present it to mass groups of people in a professional manner. Don’t take a risk with a team member who isn’t trained! TLC provides a large range or presenters, crowd gatherers, and professional hosts that feel comfortable on stage or in crowds. The visibility that your company can have with a solid engaging presenter is immeasurable.
  • Unique ways to keep audience members excited, interacting, and increase participation. Our promotional staffing is exactly what you need. Sometimes all you need is the right delivery. Let our talent promote your product by adding spunk, excitement, and impact to your product/brand conveyance.